We sell only quality, original and genuine products. We do not SELL fakes, replicas.

Our suppliers are official distributors or manufacturers in Russia.

All goods are certified.

Every customer is important to us, so we carefully check all our suppliers before you start to cooperate.

The products presented in the online store also differ in the naturalness of its active components and a minimum number of modern safe auxiliary substances.

The management system of manufacturing enterprises in Russia meets the requirements of the international Quality Standard ISO 9001: 2015.

If any product for some reason caused you questions, please contact us by phone:
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or write to cedar@cedar.world

The mark of production circulation at the market of the Customs Union (Eurasian Conformity Mark). The sign indicates that the products marked by it have passed all the necessary assessment procedures established by the technical regulations of the Customs Union and meet all the requirements of the Union.

Ecological sign “glass-fork”. It is applied to the packaging and informs that it is made of a material intended for contact with food products.


The sign indicates that the company that developed the product belongs to the Altai biopharmaceutical cluster (ABFC). It was established to support innovative entrepreneurship in the biopharmaceutical sector and consists of 36 organizations.


The sign of the shelf life of the product after opening the package in months.


A badge of” ethical ” cosmetics. It says that the product is not tested on animals.


A sign that this package is intended for perfumery and cosmetics.


The sign is located next to the mass or volume of the product, meaning the mass or volume “net”, i.e. without packaging.


The Mobius loop is placed on the packaging and informs about the material from which the packaging is made, as well as about the possibility of recycling the used packaging.