Siberian Raw Pine Nut Oil Enriched

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Siberian Raw Pine Nut Oil Enriched with Pine Resin Organic Premium Quality 100 % Pure and Natural Extra Virgin Cooking Oil 100 ml
Pure Siberian pine nut oil is made with the use of wooden presses and cold pressing technology ensuring preserving all the beneficial qualities and great taste of the product
Organic raw pine nuts rich in nutrients are wild harvested by hands in the most favorable healthy and ecologically sound environment of the Siberia region
Cold press pine nut oil is a combination of excellent taste aroma nutritional value and medicinal properties; has no contraindications and contains vitamins minerals trace elements and polyunsaturated fatty acids
Excellent cooking oil that goes equally well with meat and fish dishes vegetables mushrooms baked goods; its taste and aroma will harmoniously complement any dish
100% natural pine nut oil nut is widely used in cosmetology smoothing wrinkles and promoting quick skin regeneration and anti-aging effect due to its high content of vitamin E

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