Grits “Fair CHOICE”

Купить в один клик

Oatmeal Fair is packaged not only in soft bags. The manufacturer offers another version of the usual product. It is much more convenient for daily use in your kitchen. Millet groats is cooked faster. You don’t have to watch her all the time. You can not be afraid that the porridge will burn or “run away”. After special processing, you can buy oatmeal Fair in portion packages.

In a box of five bags of 80 grams. Convenient packaging allows you to accurately measure the required amount of cereals for one or two portions of porridge. Cooking time 35-40 minutes. Whole oatmeal Fair-a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients. It contains a lot of fiber, perfectly regulates the gastrointestinal tract. Eating oatmeal porridge in the morning, you will provide yourself with energy for the whole day.

  • Convenient single serve pack a good Breakfast.
  • You free up time for morning gatherings – you don’t have to watch the cooking. Cereal is placed in a pot directly in the package.
  • You can be sure that this is a bargain for reasonable money.
  • Healthy food for the whole family and the opportunity to diversify the usual diet.

Why you should buy Fair oat groats in our store?

We closely monitor the quality of the products offered. Our suppliers haven’t changed in years. We cooperate with people who are in love with their profession, strictly observing the technological process. In the production of cereals are not used harmful chemicals. It retains nutrients, maximum fiber. No dyes and flavorings are used. The product is placed in a convenient and practical packaging.

You can easily make an order without leaving home. Happy shopping!

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